TSA Relief Could Be Coming, Maybe

Have you heard the news about the long TSA lines? Of course you have because it has been the thorn in the side of airline passengers for the past six months. Some travelers are waiting 2 hours to make it through security and still missing their flights.

According to American Airlines, who have planned to invest $4 million to help speed up the process, over 70,000 passengers missed their flights this year. That 70k passengers who have missed their flights is not for all airlines combined, just American Airlines.

Airports in New York and New Jersey are threatening to kick out the TSA and hire their own security staff.

But help could be on the way soon.

On June 7, the House of Representatives passed legislation to ease these long lines and help passengers and airlines get back on track while maintaining safety standards.

The Checkpoint Optimization and Efficiency Act of 2016 introduced by John Katko (R-N.Y.) is aimed at speeding up the lines by changing some protocols such as ensuring minimum staff levels are maintained and canine teams are being used at high volume airports, to name a few.

In a press release from his website, Katko stated, “The bipartisan measure that I’ve introduced and passed through the House overhauls TSA’s current, bureaucratic procedures and implements commonsense practices to help ensure that the TSA and local airports are working in coordination to relieve congestion.”

Now the bill just has to pass the Senate before President Obama can sign it into law which then gives the TSA thirty days to enact the changes.

For more information, check out the following sources:

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