Why Peru for Spring Break?

A Spring Break Adventure in Peru

Spring Break can be more than heading to any old warm weather destination. In a location like Peru, travelers can experience ancient Incan ruins in Machu Picchu, witness the beauty of the Galapagos Islands and even carve out a few days to sit along the beach and soak in the warm sun.

Peru is an exciting country filled with history, gorgeous scenery and long sandy beaches. For those looking for an alternative to the usual destinations, Peru is the perfect place to recommend.


  • Machu Picchu
    • Beautiful Andes Mountains
    • 600 year old ruins
    • Often the most-anticipated part of a Peruvian tripMachu Picchu
  • Galapagos – Ecuador
    • Gorgeous volcanic islands
    • Abundant wildlife (Galapagos penguin, marine iguanas, sea lions, etc)
    • Galapagos Island Hopping Tours available
    • Kayaking, mountain biking, horseback riding, snorkeling and more!


  • Lake Titicaca
    • Largest lake in South America
    • Explore many of the lake’s islands
    • Many cathedrals and architecture to see on these islands – great small villages worth visiting and are located near Lake Titicaca as well.
Lake Titicaca
Lake Titicaca
  • Parque Nacional del Manu – 3 Main Tourist Areas
    • Hiking Trails
    • Observations Towers
    • Observe unique and exciting wildlife
    • Home to more bird species than the United States and Canada combined
    • Zip-lining and river rafting are just a few activities you can do in the park
  • Further Out:
    • Andes – Adventurers can backpack, hike, raft, kayak, rock climb, mountain bike and more!
    • Amazon – Photography tours, kayaking, zip-lining, wellness retreats and more are available so you can explore this famous river and rainforest
Peruvian Andes
Market in the Peruvian Andes


  • Lima
    • Capitol city
    • Great shopping and dining options
    • Beautiful architecture
    • Gorgeous beaches
The coast of Lima, Peru
The coast of Lima, Peru
  • Cusco
    • Former capitol of Incan empire
    • Colorful, vibrant architecture
    • Home of Machu Picchu
  • Arequipa
    • Surrounded by 3 cool and picturesque volcanos
    • Incredible culture and cuisine
    • The beautiful Plaza de Armas is perfect for an afternoon of relaxing

Who Should Go?

  • College Spring Breakers
    • Spring Breakers love to party but after going hard one year, a Spring Breaker might opt for more culture or uniqueness the next. Peru is a great recommendation because there’s plenty to do and great for those looking to head on an excursion one day and spend the next day laying out by the water.
  • Adventurers
    • An adventurer might explore Lima one day but then they can head to the Andes, Amazon, national parks and out to Galapagos to really enjoy the beauty of South America and experience rafting by hulking mountain ranges and cruising down raging rivers. There are places to zip-line, snorkel, hike and mountain bike as well as see some of nature’s wildest and weirdest animals up close.
  • Groups
    • Mission and groups will find Peru to be exotic and interesting. From the Incan ruins of Machu Picchu to the marvelous cathedrals throughout the country to the Galapagos Islands for a look at nature in its purest form, Peru is a great place for large groups.


Some customers are set on a location for their Spring Break but suggesting Peru will ensure that your clients have a unique, fun and memorable vacation to a gorgeous South American country. For a cultural experience, warm weather and must-see wildlife, consider showcasing Peru.

With great fares available to Peru and lots of options for land packages, tours and even cruises we can help you book a remarkable trip to Peru!

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