Your Month by Month Guide to Destinations

The Best Places to Go No Matter the Time of Year

Finally, it’s March! Winter is done. Sure, the weather isn’t perfect yet, but hey, the chances of snow are slimmer. For months like this where the weather is in between hot and cold, we started wondering, what are some decent places to visit? We don’t want to send clients to regions where the weather is just as bleak as it is here. We did some research and compiled a list of all the best and worst places to visit, month by month. Here’s what we found out:


Highlight Destinations

Australia in January

To get to Adelaide, Australia, clients will need to head Down Under – like way under. Adelaide is on the southern coast of Australia. Tennis fans can catch the World Tennis Challenge this month. When that’s over, there’s always the beaches!

sunset on the beaches of Adelaide
There’s no shortage of beaches to choose from when you want to watch sunsets in Adelaide!

Sweden in June

Scandinavia may be known for winters only a Viking would enjoy, but southern Sweden, where Stockholm is located, have absolutely gorgeous summers. There’s a thriving coffee and café culture here which makes it perfect for clients interested in culinary travel.

A quaint cafe in the hear of Stockholm
Swedes take coffee very seriously. It’s more than drink – it’s a way of life.

Greece in October

The Dodecanese Islands have excellent ruins to explore and dark blue waters to swim in. Whether clients are history buffs or simply want to relax, these islands are perfect for that last hoorah before the cold of winter sets in.

Ancient columns on the Dodecanese Islands
These ancient arches are a common site in Greece.

March in Portugal

Since it’s March, we’ve decided to focus on our pick of the month: The Douro Valley of Portugal. This semi-unknown region is in the heart of Port wine-making country. Porto is the largest city near the valley and sits at the mouth of the Douro River from which the region takes its name. Because it’s a major city, it’s probably the easiest city for clients to fly to and get connections elsewhere.

Douro River at Night
Seeing the Douro Valley by boat is the best way for clients to take in the Portuguese scenery.

If they want an authentic experience, they should head east to the town of Pinhão – the heart of the vineyards. Trains are likely the most efficient way to get here, but if clients have extra time, a romantic boat ride down the Douro is always enjoyable. This quaint town has cozy guesthouses, bars, food shops, and, of course, no shortage of wine tastings and tours. It’s about as personal a wine experience you can get!


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