Sky Bird Makes It Easy to Book Large Groups 

Strength in Numbers

When you’re approached by a large group of travelers, it’s both exciting and intimidating. On one hand, you know there’s a big fat commission check in it for you. On the other hand, the logistics of booking 10+ people is complex. We’d like to give you that commission check AND peace of mind. Our Groups Department is specifically trained to help you handle large groups.

Here’s just some of the groups we can help with:

Large Groups of Friends and Family

The only thing better than traveling is traveling with people you care about. Whether it’s a family trip to visit relatives back home or an adventure someplace new, our Groups Department will make certain families enjoy the trip of a lifetime.

Humanitarian Groups

Volunteering abroad is a noble cause. Your customers shouldn’t be hindered in their desire to help by the cost of a plane ticket. Whether it’s mission trips or ecotourism, we provide low fares so your clients can help others.

Help your clients help others with low fares from Sky Bird!

Religious Groups and Pilgrimages

Making a visit to a shrine, temple, or religious place is the highlight of any believer’s spiritual journey. Whatever their faith, we will make sure your clients receive low net fares and customized tours to reach their place of pilgrimage.

Sports Teams

Sometimes going for the gold means going abroad. We can help! Sky Bird will score their team low net fares so they can win big!

Help your clients go for the gold!

Educational Trips and Study Abroad Trips

Oftentimes, airfare is not included in the cost of a study abroad class, and students are left to find plane tickets on their own. You can give students the experience of a lifetime by helping them secure low net fares. The cost of a plane ticket should not hamper their education, whether it’s a week-long excursion to a historical hotspot or taking classes abroad.


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