Around the World: Wereldmuseum

Rotterdam, Netherlands

The Dutch Golden Age lasted approximately from the 17th century until the end of 19th century. During that time, art, science, and trade flourished in the Netherlands.  So it’s not surprising that a country that traveled to exotic lands would begin to collect artifacts from other cultures. Thus, the Wereldmuseum was born.


More than 1,800 objects, representing cultures from all over the globe, are displayed at this museum. Its purpose: to illustrate the development of Rotterdam as a world city by offering glimpses into other cultures. 160 years of collecting and 2,000 years of history combine to make this magnificent museum what it is today. The artifacts showcase aspects of everyday life including food, beverage, clothing, war, religion, art, weapons, trade, horticulture, and more. Free guided tours are available on Saturdays and Sundays.

Some of the beautiful artifacts on display on shown below:

Photo Credit: Wereldmuseum.
Photo Credit: Wereldmuseum.

Sioux Moccasins from North America


Photo Credit: Wereldmuseum
Photo Credit: Wereldmuseum

Artifact from Holland

Marquesas Islands
Photo Credit: Wereldmuseum

 Conch shell, Polynesia 



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