Around the World: The Sundarbans



Not Your Usual Tropics

Most people venture to the Caribbean or the South Pacific to get a breath of warm, tropical air on vacation. However, the overlooked Sundarbans of Bangladesh offer a unique tropical experience. The Sundarbans span an area mainly in southwestern Bangladesh but also parts of India’s easternmost regions. This region is a natural area and with 3,900 square miles of jungle, this UNESCO World Heritage Site has much to offer.

The Sundarbans are home to over 260 species of birds as well as crocodiles, Bengal tigers, mongooses, and hundreds of plants. In fact, the Sundarbans are home to the largest tidal halophytic mangrove forest in the world. Mangroves are unique in that they can thrive is both fresh and salt water. Being near the Indian Ocean, the mangroves are able to utilize the water to grow whereas most trees would not be able to handle the salinity.


River Tours

There are many opportunities for river tours in the Sundarbans. Guides will navigate through the winding rivers and streams and guests will experience these unique tropics up close.

How to Get There:

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