Around the World: Sigatoka Sand Dunes

Nadi, Fiji


Sigatoka Sand Dunes

You’ve probably seen those odd, square shaped bottles of Fiji Water at the store. If this is your client’s only experience with Fiji, it’s time to change that. From the tropical vistas to the ancient culture, Fiji is an experience unlike any other and the Sigatoka Sand Dunes bring all of it together.


History of Fiji

Fiji is a country in Oceania made up of 332 islands, of which 106 are inhabited. The main island, which is also the largest, shares the name of Fiji. (It’s exactly like the Big Island of Hawai’i sharing the name of the state.)  Aside from Fiji being a popular destination for those seeking a tropical getaway, the main island is brimming with culture and natural beauty.


Fiji’s Ancient Culture

The stunning Sigatoka Sand Dunes are home to one of the largest burial sites in the Pacific. Human remains found here are helping anthropologists piece together the history of Polynesia. In addition, many excavated pottery shards date to 2,600 years ago. This suggests that settlers to Polynesia arrived 500 years earlier than what was previously believed. In addition to its historical significance, these dunes make for a fun day trip. Guided walks are available and the park frequently has special programs available for those wanting a more in-depth experience.


How to Get There

When your customers are ready to explore Fiji, Sky Bird will help you get them there. We’re partnered with over 90 airlines, including Fiji Airways – the national airline of Fiji. Whether your clients are looking to relax on the beach or explore the forest, Sky Bird Travel has the lowest net fares to get them there. Call or email us today to begin your adventure!

Are your clients looking for something off the beaten path? Are they not interested in tourist traps? Stay tuned for our Around the World series. Several times a week, we share interesting things to do in exotic places. Give your clients a new experience in old places!


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