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Our latest blog series shows travel agents how to grow their clientele through social media. This week’s installment focuses on Facebook. We give you the tools to succeed – check back every week!

Facebook for Travel Agents

Make your business flourish on Facebook! We’ve created a Facebook guide specifically tailored to travel agents! Click here to download the full version of our Facebook tutorial. You can find the abridged version of the tutorial below.

Facebook has been out for so long, chances are you probably already have an account. If you don’t, get on it! Pew research states that 72% of adult internet users have Facebook. Translation: you’re missing out on a huge marketing opportunity. Whether you’re starting your account from scratch or you already have one, travel agents need Facebook.

Why Travel Agents Need Facebook

Brand Awareness

Facebook creates brand awareness for travel agents. Even if you are an independent travel agent, you want people to recognize your “brand” as trustworthy. It may seem odd that one person could have their own brand, but think of it this way: can you name a famous lawyer in your community? Odds are you probably can.

You may not think that person has a “brand” like Coca-Cola or Delta Air Lines, but it’s still a recognizable name built on reputation and trust. YOU want to be a recognizable name in the travel industry. YOU want to be as recognizable as that lawyer.

Facebook Reviews Are King

85% of consumers read online reviews. Facebook reviews create a positive image of your brand. This can drive repeat business and bring in new clients. If someone is going to spend thousands of dollars on a trip, they want someone trustworthy.

Facebook Has Billions of Users

Billion. With a “b.” That’s a lot of potential customers. Need we say more?

How Travel Agents Can Find Clients on Facebook

Make sure you have a dedicated business page for yourself as a travel agent. Yes, it’s an extra step to switch between Facebook business manager and your personal profile, but it’s worth it.  First of all, having a business page allows you to view insights and keep track of how and when people engage you on Facebook. Secondly, it’s always better to keep your work and personal life separate.

Link to Your Other Pages

Write a bit about who you are, how long you’ve been in the business, and if you have a specialty area in the “About” section. This is also a good place to link back to your other social media accounts like Twitter or Instagram and, more importantly, your website.

Facebook Helps You Reach Customers

Having a Facebook page gives your customers an easy way to reach you and it shows clients you are up-to-date with current technology trends. Think of the last time you searched for a business or restaurant and they didn’t have a Facebook page or even a website. You probably passed them over because their information wasn’t readily available. Facebook gives your clients a means to not only reach out to you for trip planning – it allows you to keep tabs on what sort of travel your clients enjoy. AND it lets you like, comment, and share content.


Stay tuned next week for the next installment of “Empower the Agent.”

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