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Multilingual Customer Service

How Sky Bird Provides the Best Customer Service

Agents with VFR customers have a unique benefit in working with their clients. They understand their culture and can speak in their respective native language. This creates a greater connection between travel agent and customer.

Imagine booking fares with the help of an airline consolidator that speaks your language!

When it comes to speaking with our Sky Bird agents, we can accommodate over 25 different languages to make the booking process easier for you and ensure there are no miscommunications or mistakes. Some of our long term and loyal clients exclusively speak Tagalog or Hindi and call into our Philippines desk and India desk, respectively, because we can better assist them in their native tongue.

Providing the best customer service means making it easier and more efficient to get you the low net fares you expect from Sky Bird; this includes working in a language you and your customers are more familiar with.

An additional benefit to having a mix of languages available to our customers is being able to help travel agents work with their ESL customers. At Sky Bird, we can help break the language barrier so that you are better equipped to manage a versatile mix of clients.

As a Travvy Award Winner for Best Airline Consolidator, Sky Bird is dedicated to giving you the best customer service and the guaranteed lowest fares that help you earn high commissions.

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