3 Easy Ways to Increase Business

3 Easy Ways to Increase Business

Looking for some easy ways to increase business?  Here are 3 steps to take to help bring attention to you and your travel agency.

Post on Social Media – personal and business

facebook• Just because you post on your business page doesn’t mean you shouldn’t also post on your personal page. Just don’t overload it.
• Friends may not know that you’re a travel agent or that you have experience planning complex trips. Your personal page is the perfect spot to throw out reminders, accomplishments and even great deals; you never know who within your social network is booking a vacation. This is also a good place to give advice like how you could help after a snowstorm or tips involving holiday travel.

Contact Your Local Media – write op-ed


• How beneficial would it be for you to write an op-ed piece on traveling to where the Zika Virus is present for your local newspaper? Wouldn’t the public be interested in knowing if it safe to travel to Paris or the Middle East right now from a travel agent?
• Think about the questions people have and answer them in a public forum.  This will lend credibility to you as a travel advisor.

Contact Local Churches and Schools – be the go-to group travel agent

• Faith-based and spiritual travel as well as university travel is a huge market. Many religious institutions, high schools and colleges are eager to discover opportunities to travel abroad to help bring their students and congregation closer together and allow them to see the world.
• When you approach these institutions have a sample itinerary and costs per person that you can leave with them. They may not be going to Barcelona but you can show them how you can create an entire package for them including airfare, transfer, hotels and more.
• Don’t forget to have all your information on it.


Go out there and show the world that you’re the travel advisor that will help them create the perfect trip with incredible value.

Having Sky Bird as your global partner means we are with you every step of the way from the planning stages until your group returns.

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