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Why do you hesitate when it comes to managing groups of 10 or more people?

Sky Bird has decades of industry experience, so we know all the reasons: chaotic logistics, difficulty coordinating payment, booking air travel for a crowd of people, mitigating unexpected events, securing itineraries and accommodations for everybody – the list goes on.

Because of that, professors or faculty members organizing a trip for school and university students use a travel agent. These include study abroad programs, sports team travel, school band trips, and collegiate academies.

Professors and faculty members who need to organize a trip for students use travel agents.

Are you missing out on this market because of the anticipated workload? Sky Bird’s dedicated Groups Department was made to handle the workload for you, so you can earn more commission and fearlessly include booking university groups in your services.

Those registered with our WINGS booking engine have access to our Groups Department and services they provide to make everything about managing your group seamless and coordinated.

Contact Our Groups Department

  1. Start by sending a request to
  2. Provide your client’s budget, destination (or destinations), and number of travelers
  3. Someone will contact you with a quote in 24-48 hours

*You must be registered with WINGS to work with our Groups Department. Register for free here!

Once you work with our Groups Department, you experience the relief of having award-winning service in your corner. Whether you need to book 11 study abroad students going to different parts of Asia or you have a busload of 40 band members going to perform in Poland, Groups has the power to lock-in the same low rate for everyone. They handle flight itineraries to ensure everyone travels together, and can arrange accommodations for those who have varying return plans. This is especially handy for study abroad students and collegiate academy excursions because itineraries tend to differ between peers, whether it’s their return date or ending destination.

Aside from securing necessities of air travel, our Groups Department can assist with what your clients need on land. This includes hotels, transportation rental or accommodation, cruises and other excursions. They also have everyone’s back throughout the entire trip, so if someone suddenly had to go home due to unforeseen circumstances mid-trip, Groups gets to work securing their return with no price penalties. Being able to actively accommodate these spontaneous situations is part of our their unrivaled customer service.

Our dedicated Groups Department handles domestic and international travel for groups of 10 or more. For more information, visit our Group Travel page at Need to start booking now? Get a free quote by emailing

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