Show Clients a New Side of Nairobi with Emirates

Once a mere stopping point for travelers on their way to safaris, Nairobi has become an enthralling vacation destination in itself. Not only is it the gateway to places like Mount Kilimanjaro and the Rift Valley, but it’s also an emerging hub for business travelers. The African headquarters for IBM, Google, Microsoft, and other large tech corporations are based here. And then of course, there’s the bustling nightlife and food scene. Here’s a sampling of what awaits your clients in Kenya’s spectacular capital.


Nairobi’s Top Sights

Nairobi National Park

zebras gather in Nairobi National Park
Located a short distance from the city center, Nairobi National Park gives visitors a chance to see the wildlife of Kenya without a long trek to the countryside.

Just outside the city center lies one of Kenya’s best-loved parks. Visitors will find a diverse selection of wildlife including buffalo, rhinos, zebras, cheetahs, hippos, leopards, lions, and giraffes.


Bomas of Kenya

Located within Nairobi proper, this popular attraction displays traditional villages of native Kenyan tribes and gives visitors a hands-on historical insight. Music and dancing are performed as part of the daily cultural experience. Utamaduni Restaurant offers a variety of traditional meals such as nyama choma, mukimo, and muthokoi.


Karen Blixen Museum

the karen blixen museum just outside Nairobi, Kenya
Karen Blixen’s home built after her arrival in Africa in 1912. The surrounding area of Nairobi is named “Karen” in her honor.

Former residence of Danish author Karen Blixen who wrote Out of Africa, a renowned book chronicling her life in colonial Kenya in the 1910s. She lived “at the foot of the Ngong Hills” and attempted to grow coffee, though eventually was forced to return to her native Denmark. The museum offers guided tours and provides more insight into the fascinating life of this celebrated author.


The Maasai Market

Thousands of handcrafted goods produced by local artisans are found here. Jewelry, baskets, statues, masks, clothing, fabric, sandals, bowls, leather goods, and more are all available for purchase. It’s the ultimate shopping experience for those who want a more authentic souvenir. And it’s a great place to people watch!

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