Top Travel Destinations for 2021

After more than a year without regular traveling, the big question your clients have for you will be, “Where should we go?” Here at Sky Bird, we have compiled a list of 2021’s top 10 destinations that will make your clients want to pack their bags! Our list blends some of our most booked destinations we have seen in the travel business, and some of our agents’ personal favorites.  Pack your client’s next journey full of culture and adventure, and book it seamlessly on our WINGS Booking Engine.


Few countries can match Japan’s rich culture and beauty. If your clients haven’t yet visited, consider this majestic country a top choice. Japan flourishes with endless things for visitors to discover from the bustling city of Tokyo, to serine nature hikes and a long list of tranquil landscapes.


Whether you are designing a vacation or stopover, Qatar has anything and everything to fulfill your client’s travel wish list. They can discover desert adventures on camel-back, family fun at the museums and theme parks, and loads of shopping from world-class shopping malls to authentic market souqs.


Turkey offers unforgettable sights and experiences that leave clients mesmerized long after the trip ends. This beautiful country has several seaside resorts for ultimate relaxation, historical sites that transport clients through time, and a culinary culture that will floor even the most experienced foodie. Clients will thrive between the diverse city hubs and relaxing along the country’s pristine beaches.

South Africa

Expose your clients to all the adventure South Africa has to offer! This diverse country is home to some of the greatest wilderness experiences including safaris and awe-inspiring landscapes and mountains. In addition, the country offers world-class wines, restaurants, and galleries, providing visitors with a prime mix of adventure and culture.


This enchanting country delivers a heritage of humanity. Let clients discover the history and geography of numerous enchanting sites, and empower them to experience the art of living as they plunge into Morocco’s unique traditions. They will also fulfill some serious retail therapy at the local shops and explore dreamlike trails through the desert.


For an elegant, yet breathtaking display of Mother Nature’s beauty, aim your clients toward Singapore. The country’s blend of gorgeous gardens and contemporary architecture lets visitors explore unmatched and unforgettable environments. Representing all things modern and stylish, Singapore is the perfect get away for foodies, art lovers, and retail enthusiasts alike.


A mecca of human creative genius, Greece is heavily peppered with numerous ancient sites that clients have on their bucket lists. In addition, its numerous islands and beaches provide never-ending relaxation and beautiful insight to Greece’s culture and tradition. Imagine the thrill your clients will have for an itinerary that packs their morning with can’t-miss ancient discoveries followed by undisturbed lounging some the world’s most beautiful beaches.


Showcase India beyond the Golden Triangle Tour and create an adventure that lets clients explore like never before. They can embark on a luxury train tour in the South of India, weave through the numerous monuments in Khajuraho, or experience true Bollywood vibrancy in Mumbai.


Egypt provides some of the most iconic wonders of the world for your clients. Show clients the ancient city of Cairo (home to the Giza Pyramid Complex and The Sphinx). Schedule a visit to the famous Red Sea. They will spend their trip enjoying local cuisine and can even journey west through the desert on camelback. 


Fresh out of a fairy tale, Ireland will inspire your clients to live happily ever after with its rolling green landscapes and endless castles. Let them experience a rejuvenating retreat in this country that radiates a go-with-the-flow lifestyle and friendliness, enjoy contemporary and traditional food and drink (there are plenty of pubs in these parts), or point out the infamous sites from Game of Thrones and other television series/movies.

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