5 Tricks to Boost Social Media Visibility

Social media, like Facebook and Instagram, is a valuable tool for your travel agency! When used correctly, it can increase your client base, brand awareness, and sales.

However, navigating the online marketplace can leave you feeling tired and frustrated. Some days it might seem like there is no engagement coming in at all.

If you, or your travel business, struggle to promote brand awareness or reach your target audience on social media—then you’re not alone. Here at Sky Bird Travel & Tours, we’re here to help you master the online marketing game with five tricks to boost your profile visibility!


Updating your page 5-7 times a week is the key element to maintaining a positive connection with your audience. Not only will you gain brand awareness, but you promote travel in the process.

Social media websites use an algorithm to track recent posts for promotion, instead of pushing older posts. So, by posting weekly on your profile, you increase the chances of your business being promoted to a wider range of customers.

Try recycling an old post to save time, and re-engage your audience by adding a new photo or altering the caption. Another simple way to generate content is by posting a weekly series. You can do this by sharing pictures of, for example, a new travel destination every Monday.


Posting engaging content on your business page is the next best method to increase profile visibility. Plus, one positive customer service experience could be enough for a hesitant client to choose your business over other travel consolidators.  

Caption your posts with open-ended questions to get more comments, such as “Where is your favorite place to travel?” Ask clients to post pictures of their vacation using a personalized hashtag, like #SkyBirdTravel, to get more user-generated content. Some platforms, like Twitter and Instagram, have the option to post polls. Your travel agency could ask;

“If you were in Mexico, what would you do first?”

  1. Snorkel at the MUSA Underwater Museum
  2. Join the Floating Fiesta at Xoximilco
  3. Sun tan at Playa Delfines Beach
  4. Hike through ancient Mayan ruins

Anything that gets users active and engaged will increase the promotion of your page and the number of customers reached!


Reach out to your target audience through groups that are popular online, especially local ones that focus on the community. This type of social group is important because they are loyal, and typically push the motto of “buying local” and “supporting local.”

You can access them by sharing your posts in community vacation groups. For example, post an advertisement for airfare tickets on sale to a local Facebook group for budget travelers.

Offer to write a column for a local influencer or media group on topics such as flying post-pandemic or the top ten travel destinations of the year. They will get free content, and you will get promoted to their curation of customers.

Tip: Add the links to your social media pages in the column for potential clients!


During an internet search, your browser uses keywords to sort through millions of websites. Your profile page might not be promoted to your target audience because your keywords aren’t specific enough.

Using Search Engine Optimization (SEO) can help increase the flow of online traffic, a.k.a. future clients, to your business page. Try including a few relevant buzzwords in posts for users to discover when they are scrolling through their feed.

You can do multiple things to research new keywords! Browse the internet for an SEO optimization tool—some are even free. Track trending topics on social media, and browse popular hashtags to determine what is most searched for. You can also enter your competition into a link checker to discover their popular keywords.


Your social media profile is like a virtual billboard with space to share information about your business. Customers should be able to clearly see the company name within username and profile picture, like Sky Bird’s Twitter page @SkyBirdTravel. There should also be a portion of your bio that links customers to your other social media, website, and phone number.

Don’t be afraid to take advantage of the ‘about us’ section of your profile page! Customers will build a stronger bond and be more likely to shop with a company they are emotionally connected to.

You can add a mission statement, the history of the company, or anything else that positively describes your travel agency. It’s also beneficial to include any awards that could solidify your business’ reputation.

The Takeaway

Your travel agency’s profile page is an excellent place to build your customer relations and increase brand awareness. If you struggle to get clicks, however, then spending time on virtual marketing can be exhausting. To see a boost in your social media visibility, simply follow these five tricks.

Once your new clients are ready to book their vacation, Sky Bird is in your corner. We will provide you with access to thousands of low net fares via our WINGS Booking Engine, a dedicated Group Travel department, special fares for students, 24/7 customer support, and more! Contact us at 888-SKY-BIRD (759-2473) or info@skybirdtravel.com.

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