Around the World: Vedanthangal Lake Bird Sanctuary

Around the World: Vedanthangal Lake Bird Sanctuary
Chennai, India

Get in touch with nature and do some bird watching at this sanctuary – the oldest water one for water birds in the country. Due to the small lakes, this region was naturally a very popular spot with avian creatures. The government recognized the need to protect this natural area and established the sanctuary in 1858.

Birds of Vedanthangal
Over 40,000 bird species, including 26 rare species, make their nests here. Many of these species come from other parts of the globe during the migratory season.

Birds commonly found within the sanctuary include cormorants, large egrets, little egrets, night herons, painted storks, pond herons, sandpipers, shovellers, and white ibises.

The migratory birds demonstrate the great distance that some species will go during their migratory cycles. These birds include teals from Canada, snake birds from Sri Lanka, grey pelicans from Australia, storks from Siberia, and ducks from Myanmar.

Obviously, the most popular activity in this park is bird watching and listening to the beautiful calls of the birds. However, hiking, walking, and picnics by the lake are also great activities during your visit to the sanctuary.

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