Airfare Prices Decreasing

Airfare Reaches Seven-Year Low

Summer Traveling Dreams Come True

Pining for paradise? That tropical getaway may be closer than you think. International flights to Cancun are averaging about $327. According to research by Hopper, a mobile application that uses big data to predict and analyze airfare, flight prices will be the cheapest they’ve been in seven years. This price decrease is especially good for domestic travelers. An average domestic round-trip flight will cost about $207. Prices will peak in June with an average domestic round-trip flight costing $240.

Airfare Decrease Continues

This price decrease seems to be an ongoing trend: airfare prices are down 12%; more than 20% from two years ago.  Earlier this year, the US Bureau of Labor Statistics reported a decrease in air passenger fares for both international departures and arrivals.

Oil prices seem to be one main factor in airline ticket price drops.

If you’re not thinking of staying stateside for the summer, there could be hope for a cheap flight internationally.

Hopper produced several tables on which cities have seen increases and decreases in search demand, both domestically and internationally. Changes in search demand could create flash sales that will benefit travelers.

If you’re interested in how your state’s average airfare compares across the national average, be sure to check out Hopper’s interactive map.

Spring Break at the 2016 Destination of the Year!

Australia – 2016 Destination of the Year!

Australia for Spring Break?  It’s far!

Yes, Australia is a little further than the beaches of Mexico but choosing it for a Spring Break destination is a great and unique way to spend 10 days off of school. Almost everyone who likes traveling wants to go to Australia so giving them the option to check out this bucket list destination will help them create some amazing memories before heading into the real world. Continue reading “Spring Break at the 2016 Destination of the Year!”

Japan – A Great Spring Break Option for Skiers!

Japan – Spring Break

Mount Yotei, Japan
Mount Yotei, Japan

Japan for Spring Break?  It may seem like a hard location to recommend but if someone is looking to experience something truly unique for Spring Break, Japan is an interesting and cool choice.

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Why Peru for Spring Break?

A Spring Break Adventure in Peru

Spring Break can be more than heading to any old warm weather destination. In a location like Peru, travelers can experience ancient Incan ruins in Machu Picchu, witness the beauty of the Galapagos Islands and even carve out a few days to sit along the beach and soak in the warm sun.

Peru is an exciting country filled with history, gorgeous scenery and long sandy beaches. For those looking for an alternative to the usual destinations, Peru is the perfect place to recommend.

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Sky Bird Helps Plan the “Trip of a Lifetime”

Sky Bird Helps Set Up Cruise, Italy, India Package  

When it comes to booking complicated trips with multi-destinations it can be quite challenging. But Sky Bird was up to that challenge when Jean Wells of Jean Wells Travel in North Carolina was tasked with planning a cruise followed by a tour of Italy and then a trip to India for a customer of hers. This was an opportunity to help one woman take a solo trip to destinations she’s always dreamed of visiting. We were happy to be the ones Ms. Wells called on to book this complex itinerary and even more thrilled to hear her customer enjoyed this custom-made adventure – it’s not easy to travel the world by yourself.

We’re proud that we get to be a global partner with Jean Wells Travel.

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