How Sky Bird Helps with Religious Travel

If four travelers are flying out of New York to Mecca, and two of their friends are meeting up with them via Chicago, and they all require halal cuisine, and the trip must be booked in three weeks, what is the approximate stress level of the travel agent? If we had to guess, it’s pretty high. When customers make a journey of faith, they’re counting on you to make sure their spiritual voyage is a success. This adds pressure beyond the normal realms of trip-planning. Let Sky Bird show you how easy it is to book religious travel with us!

1. We make booking large groups easy

When customers make religious pilgrimages, they often go in large groups – sometimes even whole families. To complicate things, they may have a whole slew of caveats: food restrictions, different departure cities, etc. Figuring out the logistics for such a group can be quite the undertaking. Let us do the math for you!

 2. Our tours division has pre-designed and custom packages

While Sky Bird provides the lowest airfare, our tours division, Sky Vacations, creates customized tours tailored to your clients’ needs. We also have several pre-designed packages that can easily be tweaked based on individual preferences.

3. We’ll deal with the red tape

Sometimes religious travel comes with extra regulations and restrictions. For instance: making the Hajj to Mecca is not as simple as buying a plane ticket and booking a hotel. Travelers in fact must prove they are related since unmarried couples cannot share rooms together and women cannot travel alone. Cutting through the red tape can be challenging. You don’t want to find yourself in the position of not filing a document with the Saudi government on time and having to explain it to your clients. We’ve got the manpower to make sure all the I’s are dotted and t’s are crossed.

4. We make sure everyone pays the same low price

We’re able to offer delayed ticketing so everyone in the traveling party pays the same low price!

5. We have buying power

Oftentimes, airlines will only release a chunk of tickets in a pre-determined number. Let’s say this number is 20 tickets at a time. What happens if you have a group of 25? As an airline consolidator, Sky Bird has forged relationships with dozens of airlines over the decades. We have the bargaining clout to negotiate on your behalf and ensure you get the extra tickets you need.

6. We iron out travel wrinkles

Let’s face it: travel emergencies always seem to happen at the most inconvenient times. (Usually when you’re sleeping.) No matter what time of day or night, we’re ready to help you with travel issues 24/7. In turn, you look good in the eyes of the client, and that ensures repeat business!


So how do you put Sky Bird in your corner? It’s easy! Register with us for free! Upon approval, you’ll have access to thousands of low net fares via our WINGS booking engine, assistance with group travel from our dedicated Groups Department, 24/7 customer support, and more! Get on your way to easier bookings by filling out this simple form.


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